Limited edition prints for sale to raise money for BlackStar Projects, in celebration of our 10th anniversary. 

Participating Artists:
Andrea Pippins
Arthur Jafa
Cauleen Smith
Garrett Bradley
Damon Davis
Fahamu Pecou
Haile Gerima
Kahlil Joseph
Kevin Jerome Everson
Louis Massiah
Michelle Angela Ortiz
Terence Nance

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The BlackStar 10th Anniversary Print Sale is an online fundraiser for BlackStar Projects. This event is intended to raise funds for our organization through the sale of limited edition artist prints.

We launched on January 15 and will release a print on the 15th of each month in 2021 in recognition of our 10th annual BlackStar Film Festival.

The Print Sale is organized by BlackStar Projects staff and board of directors.

Many thanks to our print coordinator Molly Brandt and to Meg Onli whose guidance and feedback is invaluable.

Printing: Chris Cunningham, Loupe
Public Relations: Cultural Counsel