Limited edition prints for sale to raise money for BlackStar Projects, in celebration of our 10th anniversary. 

Participating Artists:
Andrea Pippins
Arthur Jafa
Cauleen Smith
Garrett Bradley
Damon Davis
Fahamu Pecou
Haile Gerima
Kahlil Joseph
Kevin Jerome Everson
Louis Massiah
Michelle Angela Ortiz
Terence Nance

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What will the money raised from the print sale be used for?

All proceeds after printing and shipping costs go to BlackStar. You will receive a letter noting your tax-deductible contribution after your purchase.

Can I buy more than 1 edition of a single print?

No. Each customer is limited to purchasing 1 edition of each print. If more than 1 edition is purchased, the customer will be refunded by BlackStar for the additional cost and only 1 edition will be shipped. 

Can I purchase all twelve in the series as a bundle?

If you are interested in purchasing the full series, please contact Sara Zia Ebrahimi for more information.

When will my order ship?

Orders will be shipped 4-6 weeks after purchase, beginning in February 2021. 

NOTE: Orders placed after November 19 may not arrive until January 2022.

Other Questions?

Contact Us.